rlm Using the Internet to Make Your Life Easier

Making Your Life Easier

RLM's goal for you is to use your web site and email system to make your life easier.  Here are some examples of web projects that we have completed for some of our clients:

File Sharing System

Have you ever wanted to share files with a committee or group of people where they can download and upload files in a Windows Explorer type of environment but through you web site.  RLM can now install a file sharing system on your web site.  Check out this demo site.  Feel free to play with it. You can upload files and download files.

Demo Site: www.rlmartin.com/filemanager/
Admin Demo
username: admin
password: admin
User Demo
username: demo
password: demo

Member/Contact Management Systems

Are you a non-profit with membership that you have to manage.  What if RLM could custom develop a member management system where you could make updates from anywhere with an internet connection and your web pages that display member information like member directories, committee lists, etc. would be automatically updated.  What if you could assign your members to groups and your email lists would be updated.  What if your members could go in and update their own information.  Wouldn't that "Make Your Life Easier"?

Current Member/Contact Management Systems

Event Registration System

Do you need a system for adding events to your web site?  Do you have conferences or meetings where you need to handle online registrations?  What if we could install a quick calendar system that handles credit card registrations?  You would still need to get and SSL Certificate and a merchant account, but RLM can get you setup quickly to handle online registrations. Wouldn't that "Make Your Life Easier"?

Current Event  Systems Installed

Custom Conference Registration Systems

Do you hold a large conference every year with a lot of presenters, attendees and exhibitors.  RLM can create a custom conference registration system for you to handle all the things that take you so much time now. Wouldn't that "Make Your Life Easier"?

Current Custom Conference Registration Systems Installed

Project Mapping Using Google Maps

Do you have a database or spreadsheet of projects that you would like to display on a zoomable map. Let RLM create a Google map that plots all your projects.  All we need is project names and addresses.

Current Project Mapping Systems Installed

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Automated RFP Postings

Do you want to post RFPs on your site where your members can enter the RFPs, you get an email, and all you have to do is review the addition and approve it and it will automatically show up on your site. Wouldn't that "Make Your Life Easier"?

Current RFP Systems Installed

Automated Job Postings

Do you want to be able to post jobs that your members may have on your web site.  RLM can install an automated system where they can enter their job announcements.  You receive and email and all you have to do is review and approve the listing.  Wouldn't that "Make Your Life Easier"?

Newsletter Signup Systems

Do you have a newsletter that you would like people to be able to signup to receive from your web site.  Let RLM install a automatic signup system for you. Wouldn't that "Make Your Life Easier"?

Current Newsletter Signup Systems Installed


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