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Develop New Web Site

If you are a new company or organization or have a new project that needs its own web site, RLM can work with you to create the image that you want. What’s involved in getting your web site online and keeping it up-to-date? RLM can help you understand the web site development and management process. For starters, every web site has the following costs associated with it:

  • Domain Registration
  • Development costs
  • Hosting costs
  • Maintenance costs

Domain Name

First you need a domain name.  See Domain Registration for information on choosing a domain name.

Web Design Process

The first step in the design process to develop an outline for what you want in your web site and how its going to be arranged. RLM will create this outline for your review.  Once we have the outline nailed down, the next step is designing the web site. RLM currently uses Kim Adams of Tiger Studios for all web design work.  RLM has been working with Kim since 1999 when she left the National Renewable Energy Laboratory to set out on her own.  Here's what we need from you to start the design process.

  • Logo (if you have one)
  • Colors you like
  • Address of example sites that you like
  • A list of what you want included on your web site
  • Any photos that you have of your work, organization or project

Kim will come up with a couple design options in JPG format for you to review.  If any of the designs are close to what you want, let us know which design you like and what, if any, changes you'd like to make to the chosen design.  If the changes are major, we'll come back with another design JPG.  If they are minor, we'll go ahead, make the changes and lay out the home page and one subpage for you site.

Web Layout Process

Once RLM has the home page and subpage layouts, we tweak the layouts to our specs to make the sites easier to maintain.  We design all our sites for ease of maintenance.  For the layout process, we need the following from you:

  • Any text for the web site
  • Addition photos, graphics to place around the web site

Once we have your site information, we will lay it out and publish the web site to a temporary location for your review.  Once the layout is approved, its ready to go online.  RLM can provide your web hosting services at a very reasonable cost or can assist you in getting your web site installed on the server of your choice. See Web Hosting for information on RLM hosting your web site.


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